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atlalfromgalbi is a fashion label created with the word « Galbi »,  which means « Heart » in arabic. 

The main inspiration of the brand atlal comes from The Culture in general.
The designer studied in several parts of the world and worked for several french fashion Haute Couture brand and is very attached to her roots. Because, it is in this one that she recognizes herself the most.
French-Algerian designer Lilia Yasmin grew up in Paris and spent most of her studies abroad in Italia & United States always keeping with her its algerian culture through music, cinema, arts and literature.
This multiculturalism inspired her to launch atlal a fashion label directed by the roots.
While working at Louis Vuitton for Virgil Abloh men’s collection in the strategic department, and lately for Balenciaga the designer  launch her first collection in 2019 with a read-to-wear  edition and a couture edition with handmade silky pieces inspired by algerian traditional clothes always mixing with a streetwear look. 
The aim of the label is to spread Culture into fashion.
To combine Modern & Traditional into a daily style.
The label was created in order to gather international vibes, the arabic vibes from the Roots & the occidental vibes from the Experiences.
The brand atlal aimed to be able to create a world tinged with minimalism and modernity while paying homage to the authenticitythe uniqueness, but also to the amazing artistic dynamic that animates our World&Heritage.